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Use this Calendar link to view this month’s calendar including
holidays, special hours, office closings and much more!

Each month Live Proper Chiropractic offers a fun and easy challenge to all members to test their skills and empower them on their health journey.  Use this Challenge link to get started and earn great rewards!

Use this Special Events link to view upcoming special events and holiday celebrations for the month.  Live Proper Chiropractic strives to make health

a reality throughout our community.  These events further our mission!

We appreciate all our wonderful members and cherish

every great testimonial they provide us.  To learn more about the benefits of Chiropractic care and to see other

success stories, use this Testimonials link.

Let the world know how you have benefited from Chiropractic care at Live Proper Chiropractic.  Use this Review Us link to review us and help our community get started on the right track towards a healthier life.

Here is another amazing benefit to our membership.  Stay up to date with current health information and great wellness education.  Use this Chiro Education link to stay connected.

Use this Product Highlight link to see our recommended product

of the month. You can also check out many other healthy and useful products

to incorporate with your routine Chiropractic care.

Use this Trusted Resources link to see our clinic's recommended businesses including our "well adjusted" business of the month.  Stay healthy, shop local, and cherish our beautiful community.

There are so many great benefits to the LPC Membership.  Use this Scheduling App link to get set up with our scheduling app and enjoy the benefit of convenient scheduling.

As we know, every person under the sun needs routine Chiropractic care.  Use this How To Refer link to help assist you in referring your loved ones to our office.

Use this Orientation Flyer link to help your loved ones get started with Chiropractic care and to gain rewards as you stay on your health journey.

Use this Pre "Shirt Challenge" Challenge link to get a complimentary LPC shirt and to start receiving abundant rewards.

Use this Shirt Challenge link and receive amazing rewards while

improving your health and supporting your community. 

This is by far our members favorite challenge!

Use this LPC Health Questionnaire link to keep your family empowered on the journey to better health with routine Chiropractic care at Live Proper Chiropractic.

It is well known that every person needs routine Chiropractic care to help maintain a properly functioning nervous system.  Use this Subluxation Elimination link to better understand who is effected by subluxations and what to do.

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