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The Scheduling App

To install The Scheduling App follow these instructions:

Go to to download it and register with our Clinic Code: QTZBAN

If you are a member or returning patient you will have to use The Scheduling App to schedule your appointments.  If you need help, our staff will assist you in getting set up at your next visit.  Please enter the phone number and email address already on file in our office.


  *  This allows our office to be as convenient as a walk-in clinic without wait times

  *  Gives you control scheduling and rescheduling your appointments

  *  No need to spend time calling our office 

  *  You will have the ability to see when the office is busy or not as busy to guarantee no wait time

  *  You will have access to extra member hours not listed anywhere else

  *  You have the ability to message us directly 24 hours a day

  *  When using the App you will be seen at your scheduled appointment time.

  *  Anyone without an appointment will wait to be seen after all scheduled appointments have been completed.

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