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Mackenzie B.

“I began seeing Dr. Luke when I was just a junior in high school. As an athlete, I constantly was adjusted by a Chiropractor. Once I found Dr. Luke, I knew I found the best. He is so caring, invested and knowledgeable. Dr. Luke has the ability to make any patient feel like they are part of his family. I would recommend Dr. Luke to absolutely anyone!  I Love Live Proper Chiropractic..”

Karen B.

I started going to Live Proper Chiropractic for shoulder pain after seeing how much they helped my mother. After a few visits the shoulder pain disappeared and I continue to stay routine with my visits, I remain pain free and feeling much healthier.

Linda L.

"My daughter and I love to get adjusted at Live Proper Chiropractic. We are always busy with life and workouts. Dr. Luke keeps us adjusted and feeling great so we maintain our busy lifestyles. Thank you Live Proper Chiropractic."

Bruce D.

"In 30 years of Chiropractic care I never had such great care. Such an education of great methods and ideas. My visits last much longer than hours. He is so subtle in his approach. I’m much better since I’ve been here. My foot care has helped me so much. The office brims with decorations and love of life!"

Kim O.

"Since I have been seeing Dr. Luke I no longer struggle with pain in my knee from a skiing injury. Before I started coming to Live Proper Chiropractic, I never knew if I would be able to run from day to day. Now I can run and not worry about unexpected pain that would result in a slow walk home. Thank you Dr. Luke."

Christene D.

"I have been a proud member of Live Proper Chiropractic for the last 4 years and am very satisfied. So much so that I have both of my children coming here as well. Dr. Luke always takes the time to ask the right questions and give his expert recommendations. Very happy to be a member"

Paul G.

"Chiropractic for me has been a life changer. Sure it is practical to be treated if you have pain but I go because of preventative maintenance. Simply put, a healthy spine is a healthy body and life is so much better feeling physically healthy."

Maria A.

"I just recently joined Live Proper Chiropractic.  Owning my own business, I know how important it is to have such a personal touch, as well as, remain professional.  Dr. Luke does both very well.  His work has far exceeded my expectations in his profession, philanthropy and as a genuine person."

Cindy M.

"I just love all the work that Dr Luke does.  He works wonders . I love the flexible schedule he has for office hours which works fabulous with my work hours.  It’s not like any regular doctor’s office, he makes everyone feel like family. This works great with kids also.  Keep up all the fabulous work Dr Luke."

John D.

"Have been to multiple chiropractic offices and physical Therapy treatment centers trying to recover from past injury. Live proper chiropractic has been a major turning point for my physical health . Dr Luke Pinatello analyzes the specific structural problems of the body to ensure that proper adjustments are made safely and most effectively. I couldn't be happier with a chiropractic care facility. "

Chris T.

"Dr Luke is great. I have been to several chiropractors over the year, all of whom where good, but he is able to make adjustments that not all can. My back hasn't felt this loose in years."

Val T.

"Absolutely 5 stars!  When I first started going to him, I had so many problems with my health it was affecting every part of my life.  After the first visit, I knew that this was where I needed to be and the changes have been remarkable.  I would absolutely recommend him (and have!) to everyone I know."

Christina D.

"Live Proper Chiropractic is the best in the area. After seeing other Chiropractors my family and I found Dr. Luke. We have been with the practice for over a year now and we all have experienced great benefits from it. Dr. Luke is great and very personable. Our family will continue to see Dr. Luke for our Chiropractic needs!"

Emily P.

"Being a dancer, I am constantly working my body to its limits. To ensure my body is at its full potential, I routinely visit Dr Pinatello. I have seen tremendous results which ultimately has improved my capabilities."

John M.

"Thank you Dr. Luke for your excellent approach to your profession. As a wellness specialist your focus on your client’s particular needs has been very beneficial to me. I have felt so much better since becoming a member at your practice."

Stacy B.

"My family and I have been seeing Dr. Luke for about two years. He is an amazing Chiropractor. He understands exactly how the body works. Any time any of us has a problem, he is great at fixing it and giving advice how to recover at home!"

Chris M.

"Chiropractic has helped me have a much better attitude. I love the way I feel when I leave the office. I believe in myself once again. What a great team. Thank you!"

Dana M.

"As a landscaper and gardener, I spend a good deal of time stewarding the soil to maximize the health of the plants my clients enjoy.  The philosophy at Live Proper Chiropractic is to maintain routinely the alignment of your spine.  This practice of maintaining body, mind, and spirits’ well-being, like healthy soil should be the core of everyone’s health program."

Donna A.

"As a fitness & wellness professional and in personal experience as a marathon runner, I recognize the value of not limiting life with aches, pains and other annoyances. Not only do they prevent you from doing what you love. They also impact your attitude, your sleep patterns, and your life! Since I joined Live Proper Chiropractic, I have improved as a runner.  I can pursue all the activists that I enjoy. With adjustments from Dr Luke, I know my body is always ready for the next adventure!"

Sandy C.

"In June I got lime, I started Chiropractic wellness care with routinely visits because I would feel great leaving the office. Lime had made it where I could not walk, I was in a wheel chair, I could not drive myself anywhere, and also had a few falls along the way. But now I can say with all of the routinely visits and all of the help from Dr. Luke, I was out of my wheel chair and driving by Christmas!  I then threw the chair out and highly recommend for those you love to stick to their visit."                 

Janice D.

"As a Tennis player, I feel the benefits of weekly visits and adjustments from Dr. Luke; I refer him to all my tennis friends."

Linda C.

"I’ve been coming to Dr. Luke since 2012 and I’m going to keep coming"

Joshua R.

"Dealing with sciatic nerve issue, it hurt to sit, stand, and lie down. I was becoming completely immobile. I went to a few different doctors to try to help, but all they did was try to feed me pills it wasn’t solving the problem just masking it. Doing online research I learned Chiropractic care could help ease the pain. Crawled into Dr. Luke’s and rest is history. I’m once again mobile and doing the things I love!"

Shannon T.

"We never miss a weekly visit with Dr. Luke! Regular visits help us feel great and our active lifestyle requires a little “extra” to get us back to optimal form and Dr. Luke always makes it happen. We can’t recommend him enough!"                 

Paul M.

"Dr. Pinatello has enabled me to maintain my physical health as well as treat any "bumps" along the way. Seeing a chiropractor on a regular basis is important as practicing good hygiene. A healthy central nervous system equates to a healthy life.
Thank God for Life Proper Chiropractic."


Chet N.

"My wife and I have been coming to Dr. Luke for about two years. We were always complaining about our back aches. Since we started this Chiropractic journey with Dr. Luke our backs have been so much better. I’m a believer in Live Proper Chiropractic and Dr. Luke, he’s not just a Chiropractor, he’s a good friend. Keep up the good work!"

Mike K.

"I've been going to a chiropractor for years and Dr Luke was the first to really explain what he does and why. I've been going every week for about 6 months and have never felt better. He's changed my quality of life.   Being able to walk in anytime is a huge plus as far as I'm concerned and the cost is so affordable that you don't have to hesitate about going due to the expense."

Brenna E.

"Nine years ago I started learning about chiropractic care. I loved the concept, believing myself in the powerful healing potential in a touch. Five years ago I lost a really good job and with it my health insurance. Live Proper Chiropractic has kept me healthy through years of unemployment and zero health insurance. Chiropractic kept me healthy while I cared for my late husband during his bout with cancer.  I rely more on my chiropractor for health maintenance than on any doctor. "

Matthew L.

"Great, clean office with a great doctor. The office is very professional and the doctor is there to help you no matter what problems you have. I would highly recommend Dr Pinatello's office!"

Kimberly T.

"I  have been to several chiropractors and Dr. Luke Pinatello is by far the best.  He has helped me tremendously! Not only by helping with my back and neck pain, but my blood pressure has come down and I am off medication.  Dr. Luke is a very kind and caring doctor!!
I would recommend Dr. Luke to everyone out there!"

Lea H.

'Above and beyond!! Truly cares about your health and wants to see you well. Low monthly membership rates mean you go as needed - not as you can afford; so thankful to have joined Live Proper when I moved to the Westerly area."

David T.

"I am closing in on 2 years with Dr. Luke’s expertise in the Chiropractic field is second to  none as is his passion for his patients well being. Dr. Luke has turned my body’s clock back to a time when I felt young, strong and flexible. I’d say the importance of Chiropractic care under Dr. Luke ranks right up there with oxygen."

Brian H. 

"I have been a patient of Dr. Luke’s for roughly two years and I couldn’t be happier with the results. Since becoming a patient at LPC I have experienced a significant decrease in my discomfort along with better flexibility and a feeling of overall wellness. One of the main driving forces to my participation has been the nature of the membership practice. I work a normal 9-5 schedule and I am the father of 2 young children. These factors do not offer a lot of free time for regular doctor’s office visits. Dr. Luke’s method of no appointments needed and a flexible schedule have made it so that I can stop in leisurely and as often as needed. I truly appreciate what Dr. Luke has done for my mind and body."                             

Aimee R.

"So apparently I subluxated my rib(s) on Wednesday during a triathlon training session. I had muscle spasms and was in excruciating pain. Normally I would have taken an Advil iced it and continued in pain for weeks. Instead I went to Live Proper Chiropractic where Dr. Luke Pinatello Dc worked his magic. The five minutes I spent there stopped the muscle spasms and cut the pain in half. I awoke today with virtually no pain. Something that normally would have taken weeks to heal only took a day with the help of Live Proper Chiropractic. I highly recommend them to everyone."

Paul G.

"Chiropractic care is a lifestyle just like staying fit and maintaining proper hygiene. If we use chiropractic care consistently, we begin to feel better and quite frankly, live better. Since visiting Dr. Luke on a regular basis I have seen vast improvements in my life. I have been sick less and feel aches and pains less frequently. When they do occur, the sickness or pain is not as long and very short lived due to chiropractic foundation I have instilled in the my life. So I use the analogy of brushing ones teeth as a means of proper hygiene just like a healthy spine is a healthy life style. Thanks for all that you do Dr. Luke"

Angelo D.

"I currently work two laborer jobs where I used to constantly pull my back. Since coming to see Dr. Luke I haven’t pulled my back once. I have never felt this fantastic on and off work. He truly works miracles!"

Leena W.

"I have been having trouble walking. My legs give in on me. My legs hurt so bad, my back was out. I love to walk, and I am doing a lot better. I thank the Chiropractor for helping me to walk a lot better. I am getting older, I am 86 years of age and I feel so much better. Thank You."

Denise P.

"Three years ago, I had limited range of motion in my neck, pains in my hips and I felt achy all over and worst of all OLD! I met Dr Luke at an event and decided to give him a try. I joined as a wellness member and decided to commit to feeling better. Before long I was driving and realized how much better my neck could turn with no pain. Little by little my whole body became more limber and I got my life back. Give Chiropractic a try; you deserve to feel this good!"  

Courtney D.

"Dear Dr. Pinatello, Thank you very much for taking such good care of Dan and I. Thank you for seeing me on such short notice yesterday. I truly appreciate it."

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