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Dr. Luke Pinatello
Westerly Chiropractor

Soon after receiving his Doctorate from Palmer College of Chiropractic, Dr. Luke Pinatello established Live Proper Chiropractic, a membership styled wellness facility located in the heart of Westerly, Rhode Island.  As a Westerly Chiropractor, Dr. Luke has provided Westerly and surrounding areas with excellent care making a true difference in our community.  Many people start care believing that Chiropractic is for neck pain, back pain, headaches, and the treatment of other sicknesses and symptoms. At Live Proper Chiropractic, the care is about so much more.  When you are under Dr. Luke Pinatello’s care you receive safe, all-natural, and effective health solutions to help you live at your optimum potential and full expression of LIFE.  Our practice members are sure to receive abundant health education and top-tier, passion driven care. It is Dr. Luke Pinatello’s philosophy that every person should be under routine Chiropractic care from the moment of birth, throughout every stage of their life.  This is why he developed a unique membership style clinic in Westerly, RI offering affordable fees, convenient hours, and many more benefits, allowing everyone access to his office.   

When out of the office, Dr Luke can be found with his two wonderful sons, Jack and Benjamin, enjoying cooking, hiking, camping, fishing, exploring nature, and pretty much any fun healthy activities they can do together.  They also have a sweet chocolate lab named Essie who is always included in the family fun.     

Fun Facts

Favorite Book:              The Odyssey, by Homer

Favorite Food:              Sushi

Favorite Bible Verse:   Proverbs 3:3-6

Favorite Drink:              Coffee

Favorite Color:             Black

Favorite Quote:           “A Son may outgrow his father’s lap, but never his heart.”  -Unknown

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