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If you love them, help them

Why is it important to refer your loved ones to Live Proper Chiropractic?

The LPC Chiropractic Orientation taught us EVERYONE needs a properly functioning nervous system to express Life, health, and healing at their best.  Unfortunately, not everyone knows this, and it is your obligation to TELL THEM!  Your mission is to get them to our office using all means necessary.  Our mission is to educate them on the importance of routine Chiropractic care.    


Follow these 4 simple steps to refer your loved ones to our office for life changing Chiropractic Wellness care



Every person in this world needs routine Chiropractic care, through every stage of life, starting the minute we are born.  Chiropractic is not just for the person with the most pain or health concerns.  Chiropractic is for everyone that believes maintaining their health is a priority.  If you love them, help them.  Family – Friends – Coworkers – Neighbors – Social Media Contacts – Everyone!


Step 2:  BE A BRIDGE
Focus less on teaching people how Chiropractic works and more on what great experiences you’ve had in our office.  Let them know you care about them and that wellness Chiropractic is something that would benefit them greatly.  Tell them the things you love most about our membership practice.  Make sure they know LPC has walk-in hours that accommodate all lifestyles and is so affordable the whole family can receive care. Let them know about the Chiropractic Orientation. 


Sometimes words are not enough.  The next time you’re in our office pick up some great Chiropractic educational information you can provide to your loved ones.  We have unlimited resources you can pass on to them.  Share social media posts you think would benefit them.  Another great idea, text them our contact information, to make it easy for them to find their way into our office.  We would be glad to help you with this – all you have to do is ask!


Do not just tell them about wellness Chiropractic and stop there… follow up with them to make sure they are finding the time for their health.  If they have not made their way to our office yet, keep at it!  Be sure to talk to Dr. Luke about them at your next visit too.  He can provide you with specific ideas on what to say and do to get them to our office right away. 



“We have such mixed emotions when a patient comes in to get healthy
but leaves their family at home to get sick”

-Dr. Luke Pinatello

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